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Nature in the park Morning light comes through the trees Red flowers bloom tall. Submitted by Lewis.
Circa 1949, two staff members look at maps in the exhibit room of the provincial archives back when they were still located in the legislative buildings.
An early display of totem poles at the Royal BC Museum from 1977.
This is a photograph from a botany lecture held at the BC Provincial Museum in April or May 1934. The photo was taken by J. Howard Chapman (1861-1942). Originally from England, Chapman arrived in Victoria in 1890. He initially worked as a travelling…
The new provincial museum and archives in 1970, about two years after the new building was opened to the public following a massive rebuild. Photo courtesy of the Royal BC Museum & Archives
John Fannin (front), the first curator of the museum, and Francis Kermode (back right), curator and later director of the museum, in the BC Provincial Museum’s taxidermy shop. The photo was taken sometime between 1900 and 1904 by Albert Hatherly…
Submitted by Freddie Albrighton and Patrick James Butler.
Exhibition: COVID-19
I don’t 100% recommend having a wedding during a pandemic, but I have to say it’s gonna be one heck of a story to tell and looking back now I wouldn’t change a thing. It made our special day so unique. And at the end of the day the show must go on.…
Exhibition: COVID-19
Nancy’s daughter is physically challenged and lives in an assisted living home, which was closed to visitors because of the pandemic. Nancy notes that she and other family members regularly visit through the living room window. She says, “Each time…
Exhibition: COVID-19