Community Agreement

This site is a space for respectful exchange. With that in mind, these community agreements guide us as we create a safe space for sharing:

Personal Responsibility—What you share can be seen by the wider public. Be mindful not to post anything that has private information you do not want to be seen. Do not post materials or stories that are not your own, including copyright or trademarks.

Do No Harm—This site is meant to uplift each other as we share our own experiences and perspectives. This is not a place at all for hate. No posts that are hateful will be allowed.

Keep to the Exhibit Topics—The exhibition areas within The Community Gallery are meant to be prompts for sharing. We ask that submissions respond to these prompts and not be unrelated. If you have a topic that you would like to include on the platform, please let us know. We would love to hear your ideas. In addition, we will not accept submissions that involve selling or advertising a particular product or service.

Authentic Response—What you post is from your experience. Please do not try to represent anyone or any group of people beyond your own experience.