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Tall tree with green leaves There are ducks in the distance There are green bushes. Artwork submitted by Eva and poem submitted by Hunter.
Trees are very quiet Pretty baby peacocks cluck Birds are very colourful. Submitted by Will.
I see crumpled leaves I feel the wind in my hair I hear a truck's wheels. Submitted by Elliot W.
I hear ducks quack Peacocks behind the rock Flowers coming soon. Submitted by Aiden.
I see leaves falling I see a memorial I see dead dry leaves. Submitted by Calix.
Nature in the park Morning light comes through the trees Red flowers bloom tall. Submitted by Lewis.
Long swaying branches Of the big green willow tree Dancing in the wind. Submitted by Pearl.
Yellow caution tape A murder of crows cawing I feel my pencil. Submitted by Cedar.
Green and orange trees I see yellow crumpled leaves I hear birds singing. Submitted by Amelia.