Finding Nature in the City

Painting of tress in a green field with two buildings in the background.
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In cities and towns of all sizes around BC, nature and the city are constantly at play. This could be a quiet park nestled within a neighbourhood of houses, or weeds poking out from the edges of a sidewalk. This exhibition space is geared toward kids and the ways that they see their surroundings, how they see nature in the city, and also perhaps how they see their city in nature. We invite kids and classes around the province to share their experiences through art, images, poetry and stories.

This exhibition space was co-created with Kathryn Cook and her Grade 3/4 class at South Park Family School in Victoria, BC, on the territory of the Lekwungen speaking people (the Songhees and Xwsepsum Nations).

Light breeze blowing here Cute little peacocks walking Big long wooden fence. Submitted by Jasper.
High trees very high Beautiful landscape and peace I see dogs so cute. Submitted by Rosa.
Tall tree with green leaves There are ducks in the distance There are green bushes. Artwork submitted by Eva and poem submitted by Hunter.
Blue and green peacocks Baby peacocks walk in ferns Brown peacocks squawk. Submitted by Ophelia. 
I see crumpled leaves I feel the wind in my hair I hear a truck's wheels. Submitted by Elliot W.
The leaves are falling Tree to tree the breeze is nice Blue sky Fall is here. Submitted by Xander.
Geese honking loudly There are walking tourists Lots of rays of sun. Submitted by Felix.
I hear my teacher The rock is curved and it's hard The leaves are falling.
I smell sweet fir trees There is a peacock feather I see crumpled leaves. Submitted by Elliott H.