Cynthia, 2023

Shadow of two figures on the road.

I am Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw 

I am looking for independence 

I am learning to love myself 

I am listening to my dad blast The Cars in the morning as he gets ready for work.

I am remembering when I went to school- when I saw myself in the curriculum   

I used to meet my best friend before school, 

excited to get the Rock Star energy drinks. We felt free. We would bus around, stop after stop, avoiding school.  

I am waiting for a response from my job applications 

I am running for the bus, 

I am chasing my baby nephew, he is giggling and laughing, around the house.

I am hoping to move out, October Manor, the corner suite on the fifth floor with double window facing the sunrise in the mornings...

I am living for the day when I travel to Alberta and Saskatchewan to visit my boyfriend’s reservation, to see the Stampede. 

I am here.